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Inspired by the underground latino soccer community in New York, as well as some of his favorite soccer teams, Colm designed the collection paying homage to his passion for soccer, vintage jerseys, the hip-hop community and his KIDSUPER fighting spirit. The collection features co-branded soccer sets, tracksuit and duffle bag.

Brooklyn, NY

354 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211

  • Soccer Set:

    Standard fit made out of polyester

  • Tracksuit:

    Standard fit made out of velour.

  • Duffle Bag:

    Made out of burlap and pleather.

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NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open only to legal U.S. residents residing in New York, who are 21 or older. Starts 10:00 AM ET on 10/8/21 and ends 11:59 PM ET on 12/30/21. The Modelo Fighting Spirit Sweepstakes Presented in New York is sponsored by Crown Imports LLC. No alcohol awarded with prizes. Void outside New York and where prohibited. For complete details, see Official Rules.
Kidsuper founder Colm Dillane headshot Kidsuper founder Colm Dillane headshot
Kidsuper founder Colm Dillane headshot Kidsuper founder Colm Dillane headshot

Colm Dillane's, aka "KIDSUPER", story started with small beginnings that flourished into a great creative success. Born in New York, Colm is a first-generation American son of a Fisherman and Spanish Artist. When Colm turned three years old, his parents packed up and began traveling to different areas around the world for work, including Mexico for a year and the Midwest for a few years. During their travels, Colm and his mother would create art together in their free time. To this day, Colm still credits his creative side to his mother. Colm also found interest in soccer during his travels and would play against his friends in his free time as well. When he was 12, Colm and his parents moved back to New York where the culture and energy was much different than what he was used to, as everyone was interested in both brands and fashion, and had a drive to make it in life and be successful. Moving from the Midwest back to a big city was an eye-opening transition for Colm, as it sparked his creativity and drive for fashion, art and soccer. Colm used both fashion and soccer as an outlet to build both a story and a community of his own.

Colm’s initial experimentation in fashion started in high school when he began spray painting t-shirts in his school cafeteria and selling them under the name of Brick Oven T-Shirts, aka "BOTS", to his classmates. BOTS disbanded after high school and Colm moved to Brazil to pursue his dream of playing professional soccer. While in Brazil, Colm created the KIDSUPER name. After his year in Brazil, Colm returned back to the US to go to college, which is where he eventually launched the KIDSUPER brand. During his freshman year, Colm was nearly kicked out of his dorm for converting his room into a KIDSUPER pop-up shop. Inspired by his community, Colm persisted towards his KIDSUPER dreams to create something new and authentic. Colm eventually invested in a living space that would double as a store and his home. Through his creative drive and energy, Colm converted the space to KIDSUPER Studios, housing all of his super dreams.

KIDSUPER opened up his store when he was a junior in college, without much foot traffic. During this time, he also made a space to play soccer, sew and record music. The space is still used as the KIDSUPER creative space, a recording studio for many notable artists and a space to play soccer in his free time. Colm embraced his inner fighting spirit to develop a brand/platform focused around culture, art, music and lifestyle. KIDSUPER is now one of the most influential and relevant streetwear brands born out of a high school cafeteria.

Colm’s continued success and ability to push the boundaries has been recognized by many high-profile iconic names in the industry. Colm was recently awarded the 2021 LVMH Karl Lagerfeld award, breaking down all barriers in the fashion world and yet again proving both his name and brand as the limitless leader and disruptor in fashion.

To me, this collection was all about highlighting the shared passion points of soccer, art, and fashion between KidSuper Studios and Modelo, as well as pushing creative boundaries, an approach that has served me well in my journey through the fashion world. Many people have come to know me and KidSuper Studios through innovative works in the street wear space, but what they may not know is that I am an ex professional footballer, whose love of the game still runs very deep. So deep, in fact, that I am exploring the development of a new KidSuper soccer complex based in New York City in the near future. What excited me most about designing the KidSuper x Modelo Fighting Spirit collection was the unique opportunity to channel my primary profession in a way that serves my true love of soccer, and to showcase what the fighting spirit means to me.